July 02, 2018

PE secondary market pricing and volume

How are public equities driving private equity prices? How has the private equity secondary market developed since 2009? What about the discount to NAV? How are target multiples differing between established secondary managers and non-traditional buyers?

In this accompanying video to the recent article on pricing and volume in the private equity secondary market, Andres Hefti of Multiplicity Partners touches on a number of topics, such as the private equity secondary market being as strong as ever and that there are even suitable buyers for fund sizes below USD 1 million. With public and private equity markets at all-time highs and dry powder at record levels, he argues that now is as good as ever to consider a sale of LP interests.

Part 1:

Part 2:


These videos are part of a multipart series accompanying a Multiplicity Insights publication. You can read the article here.