February 06, 2014

Multiplicity elected as Swiss Secondary Hedge Fund Boutique of the Year

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Multiplicity Partners, the specialist for impaired, distressed and illiquid investments, has been elected as the Swiss Secondary Hedge Fund Boutique of the Year. This award recognizes the firm’s tireless efforts over the past four years to take the pain out of secondary market trades by supporting its clients throughout the whole transaction process until the final settlement. Acquisition International determined the award winner through a comprehensive market survey and rigorous selection process.

Roger Rüegg, founding partner at Multiplicity, comments: “We are very pleased to
receive this award, which underlines our consistent commitment to help investors in dealing with their legacy investments such as hedge fund side pockets, Madoff claims or many other distressed assets. We would like to thank our clients for working with us and acknowledging our efforts in these complex matters.”

Andres Hefti, partner at the firm, adds: “We see secondary market trading as part of our comprehensive transaction management offering. Finding the right buyer for legacy positions is only half the story, while process management is the other half. Understanding the entire situation is key to manage expectations of each investor willing to sell its positions. Multiplicity often starts the process by performing independent valuations on the impaired asset before starting any auction process. Too often, we see sellers entering the market with very unrealistic hopes. We help our clients navigate through the complexities of a transaction by negotiating the terms with sophisticated buyers and structuring a transfer process that allows to get deals done without frustration.”