February 24, 2015

Multiplicity elected as Secondaries Advisers of the Year – Switzerland

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Multiplicity Partners, the specialist for impaired, distressed and illiquid investments, has been elected as the Secondaries Advisers of the Year in Switzerland. This award by Acquisition International and BarclayHedge is a reward for the company’s dedication and client-focus over the past five years. By expanding its coverage of illiquid and impaired financial assets, the firm is now able to provide a one-stop solution for investors’ diverse legacy portfolios.

Andres Hefti, partner at the firm, comments: “We are honored to receive this award in recognition of our client- centric advisory services in the secondary market. Over the past two years Multiplicity has substantially broadened its market coverage and now covers illiquid alternative investment funds of all sorts as well as defaulted bonds or non-performing loans. Recent transactions included the sale of shipping-related assets or of Lehman-related products. Multiplicity has established a global network of buyers for almost any kind of illiquid assets.”

Roger Rüegg, founding partner at Multiplicity, adds: “We currently see record amounts of capital that wait to be allocated in the secondary market for many kind of illiquid funds and assets. This leads to firm pricing for private equity and real estate interests, hedge fund side pockets but also more esoteric assets. If you hold illiquid legacy investments 2015 is certainly the time to consider an exit.”