June 10, 2016

Multiplicity wins the award of “Best in Illiquid Portfolio Solutions”

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Multiplicity Partners, the specialist for private market transactions, has been elected as “Best in Illiquid Portfolio Solutions” in the Global Fund Awards 2016. The award is a recognition of the firm’s vigorous commitment to provide clients with effective liquidity solutions for their illiquid portfolios. By providing secondary market coverage across private equity, real estate funds, hedge funds, real assets, claims and illiquid debt products, Multiplicity provides liquidity- seeking investors a one-stop solution.

Andres Hefti, partner at Multiplicity, explains: “We are delighted to win this year’s award in the category of Illiquid Portfolio Solutions as an acknowledgement of the quality our highly bespoke, sell-side secondary market advisory activities. As an independent, entrepreneurial and management-owned company we are able to offer our clients flexible and tailored solutions that truly fit their needs.”

Thomas Ritter, partner at the firm, adds: “Getting recognition for the firm’s advisory approach to secondary market trading reconfirms our business model and market positioning. At Multiplicity, navigating this opaque and fragmented marketplace has been our daily jobs over the past 6 years. We stand at the ready to assist banks and wealth managers, who are repositioning themselves in the face of increasing regulatory headwinds, in connection with any of their problems with illiquid products. Over the years, we have developed a global network, transactional capabilities and with knowledge across many illiquid lines, allowing us to cater to our clients – for whom these issues ideally are a side-show – with a full service offering. We increase transparency where information or data is missing and work fully independently. This allows us to structure solutions that increase the likelihood of transacting successfully without frustration on either side.”